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  CHINFONG Enterprise Group since 1948 founded in Changhua, Taiwan.Experienced half a century of efforts,Has become Taiwan's largest forging machine manufacturer,Forging machinery industry in the world ranked fourth,Product marketing around the world, such as Britain, the United States, Japan, Australia, South America, Southeast Asia,Taiwan's machinery products and are exported to Japan, one of the few manufacturers.Major customers include Japan's major automobile plant, such as Toyota (TOYOTA), Mazda (MAZDA), Isuzu (ISUZU), etc,Quality, precision and durability by certain customers.They have been passed the year 1994 the United Kingdom Yarsley certification of ISO9001 international quality.
  And CHIN FONG GROUP(NINGBO)ENGINEERING CO.,LTD was set up enterprise groups JINFENG Zhenhai Economic Development Zone in Ningbo, a subsidiary.As a professional manufacturer of machinery Factory,CHIN FONG GROUP(NINGBO)ENGINEERING CO.,LTD was established in September 2002, covers an area of 80 acres, the registered capital of 10 million U.S. dollars.
  CHIN FONG GROUP(NINGBO)ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Since its establishment, not only focus on professional gear group, the clutch and related products manufacturing, so far has been the acquisition of a professional processing equipment more than 25, including a large gantry machining Center, Horizontal Machining Center, as well as five noodle processing machine and other key equipment. Since 2007, the progressive investment in the Units are welding machine work has been completed up to 120m investment welding plant, automatic flame cutting machine, CO2 welding machine, such as more than 20 Units of welding-related equipment. Beginning in 2004, Jinfeng (Ningbo) Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. of revenue growth each year at around 100 percent. To 2007, annual production capacity of the professional group of more than 1000 sets of gear, professional clutch sets of more than 1500 revenue of 5,000 ten thousand yuan.